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Pai Gow has its roots firmly placed in the history of gambling but there is a reason why it has lasted throughout the ages. Firstly, it is due to its uncomplicated nature where one can learn simple rules and strategy in a matter of minutes. Secondly Pai Gow strategy is sublime in its format making optimal use of an ever developing game.

Whether you are brand new to the game or an experienced player looking for something to boost your skill level or knowledge our strategy guide can set you on the right course. But beware, Pai Gow always has an ace up its sleeve!

Pai gow tips

We know how unique, easy to familiarize with and yet elusive pai gow can be. This game is one of the most sublime of all gambles, but it could also be tricky. This is why, under our Paigowtips, we have compiled a unique variation of handy tips that can get you settled in pai gow amongst others.

Earn unique set of skills

Earn unique set of skills with our Paigowtips and pai gow unlimitedly, with no fear or worries.

These tips can for example:

  • Help you win funds and
  • Master bets.

Get started now, and become a master in the ancient pai gow poker.


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