Roulette is the most famous game that casinos offer. It has been played since the 18th century and named after the French word "little wheel". At this gambling game players must place bets on a playing field. Each individual bet corresponds to a drawn number between 0 and 36 or a specific event. The 0 and 00 are highlighted in green, all other colors alternate between black and red. Which number is the winning is determined by turning a ball in the rotating wheel. The likelihood of drawing the numbers doesn’t change between individual games so that from one draw to the next it can’t be concluded that the odds have changed. If a player can predict the number drawn, he wins. Modern internet casinos have of different versions of this game. Here you can find the basic rules, strategies, tips, odds of winning and reviews of the best virtual casinos where you can play roulette game online. Online Roulette Gambling

Types of bets

In casino roulette, you have money of the form of tokens (plastic chips), which you can bet on a certain event in compliance with the applicable limits. In the simplest case, the color down to the exact number. Depending on the accuracy of the prediction, the event is less likely to occur. Betting on specific numbers, however, have higher profits, are rarer than gross bets where you can win with more digits (eg black = 18 winning numbers):
  • “Straight up” bets on a numbers are 35:1
  • “Split” on two adjacent numbers is 17:1
  • With a “row” of 3 numbers you win 11:1
  • You can bet 3 numbers with one chip by placing it at the end of the line
  • “Corner” on the intersection of four adjacent numbers are 8:1
  • A “Double Line” with 6 numbers is 5:1
In addition, for the American version, there is the 5-number bet, which includes "0,00,1,2.3" and brings 6 times, as well as the "Row 00 bet", which covers 0 and 00, and in which the 17:1 paid. Outside bets don’t include any specific numbers. They are made on the outside of the number field, hence the name.
  • Colour bet (red or black) pays simple winnings equal to the stake
  • Even or Odd bets also give an easy win
  • A bet on the 1st 18 or 2nd 18 numbers also gives a simple win
  • Column or dozen gives the double of the bet as a win
You definitely have the best chances to win on outside bets. These can be found outside the numeric betting area and include bets on red / black, even / odd as well as on high or low numbers.

Play Roulette OnineBetting systems and strategies

Most roulette gambling strategies and betting systems are developed mathematically. Best-known strategy systems are:
  • Martingale
  • Fibonacci
  • Reverse Martingale
  • Labouchere
  • James Bond
  • D’Alembert
If you consider yourself a beginner of the roulette game, focus first on the simple bets. They offer you a high chance of winning due to the assessable risk. You should first get a feel for this popular casino game before you want to take more risks. Always keep in mind: Play with an amount that you are willing to lose. Electronic Roulette Game
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