Vegas Pai Gow Poker

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  • Software
    Vegas technology
  • Game Type
    Pai Gow
  • Reels
  • Progressive
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  • 2nd Jackpot
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Vegas Pai Gow Poker

If you are wanting to play an exciting round of Pai Gow then Vegas edition is the right place to start. This historic game has been smoothly recreated from a tile game to a modern card game seamlessly. In essence Pai Gow is a poker like variant where combinations must be created from the cards given. This version is also a stand alone version where a single player may choose his table spot but the other gaming positions are simply for show.

Technical design

Vegas Pai Gow is stunningly laid out with a mix of Chinese symbolism and modern baize. The table is set so that the player can easily distinguish how much they currently hold and how much they are betting as well as being able to clearly see the cards as they are drawn. With adjustable sound and animation options this game is a great casino experience as the interface has been carefully designed for easy usage.

Bonus features

Vegas edition Pai Gow comes with a new feature called the "house way". This button essentially takes the decision from the player and auto selects the best available hand from the drawn cards. All ensuing results still follow the game rules.

Vegas Pai Gow Poker

This is the unique Pai Gow Poker from Vegas Technology. It is simple to play, doused in casino fundamentals and designed with unique qualities.

How to play

Pai gow has meticulously advanced from the old tile game pattern into a more recent card game. Vegas Pai Gow Poker is played with the standard pai gow gaming rules except that this time, it is merged and accompanied with poker.

Special Features

Vegas Pai Gow Poker has the following features:

  • It is a self play version that can be played by a single player.
  • When played in a stand-alone version; other spots on the table are filled ceremonially for show.
  •   It has some Chinese symbols on the layout that makes it look real
  • A clearly viewable and understandable table layout.
  • Sound adjustment function
  • Animation adjustment function.

Finally, this game comes with a bonus section called ‘house way’. This operates as an auto function button, that when clicked on, will select the best option from the table.

Some easy players who do not like stressing themselves too much trying to decide will find this handy.

Our Review

If you desire to play an intriguing round of Pai Gow, then this edition from Vegas Technology is a very good option. With its special features and amazing qualities, this game makes a good play; for instance, its boards are so clearly set out in a way that makes it easy to see all the necessary information and game progress.

Down Sides?

Although the house play function has been criticized for making the game seem childish and too easy, it is notably, a feature that is not designed for constant and full use in all games; it is a button users are supposed to resort to only when they are stranded and despite the mixed feelings that follow this function, it definitely saves a lot of players some stress.


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