Blackjack Switch

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Blackjack Switch

If you are looking for the latest in new design for casino games, then Blackjack Switch is where it is at. Instead of playing with a single hand the player has two at the start. Once the cards are dealt out the player then has the option of swapping over the second card of each hand to improve their situation. You can also place side bets based off this switch possibility which must be placed prior to the hand being dealt. 

Technical design

Blackjack Switch is played in the same format at traditional blackjack along with the same typical game options suck as splitting, doubling down and insuring against dealer blackjacks. Even though the player has 2 hands at the start of play they are played in the normal manner with the left hand being played before the right. All other usual blackjack rules apply.

Bonus features

The best features of Blackjack switch have to be the customization features which can be used through the menu which allow the player to disable game animations to improve game speed, increase or decrease the overall dealing speed or enlarge the size of the cards to make the game easier to read.

Black Jack Switch

This Playtech Blackjack Switch is one of the latest newly designed Casino games. It was invented in 2009 and one of the most intriguing newest casino games. It comes with amazing features and it is designed to give you maximum satisfaction from playing it. The top-notch online casino game has a good background layout, simple graphics and some beautiful animations that are pleasing to see.

How to Play

Blackjack switch has two hands at the start (you should play the left before the right hand) and after the game begins you can choose to swap the hands however you like to improve your chances of getting a better win. Interestingly, you could also place side bets with this game and switch the possibilities to your advantage but always ensure to do this before a hand has been dealt.

Basically, the game is easy to play and it is accompanied by some assistance which could be read for example in the game description section.


A reliable strategy is embedded in two heads; ‘the switch decision’ and the ‘later decisions’.

The Switch decision is the process of intuitive summary and analysis, and what you decide based on that. Without a proper strategy at this stage, you may struggle while playing blackjack switch. Blackjack experts have suggested a strategy based on:

  • Push
  • Loser
  • Winner and
  • Chance.

Game Options

This new game essentially has the same traditional formats and it could be played with the usual black jack rules. It also has similar game options, for example:

  1. Splitting
  2. Doubling down
  3. Insuring etc.

Blackjack switch has customizable features, which could be accessed via a menu where you could edit, reduce, increase or even heighten your gaming features including speed, sounds, animations, etc.

Get one today and enjoy.


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