The Slots are probably the largest division of any online casino. A lot has happened since the three-armed bandit in land-based casinos. Today there are gaming machines in all variations, with a wide variety of themes, good graphics, cool bonus features, and incredible jackpot sums that can be won. This also made the world of the slot-machines very confusing and many feel overwhelmed by the selection in the online casinos. We, therefore, give you a brief introduction to online gambling machines here. Online casino slots are the further development of the one-armed bandits. There are many different variations of gambling machines. Some still have a traditional classic structure of 3 rollers and 3 rows, others have the 3x5 grid known today, others are even larger. They all make up the largest part of the game offer in the internet casinos and here there is something for everyone! All imaginable topics are covered and the graphics match those of the latest computer games! All these virtual devices have a random number generator that decides which combination of symbols will appear on the screen as soon as you click with them to spin the reels.
  • Classic – These are devices with a 3x3 grid and usually either a fruit theme or a joker theme, the traditional symbols of the one-armed bandits. These are more for entertainment. You usually cannot get rich here. But there are a couple of modern versions, like the Fire Joker slot, that spice up the classic version.
  • Jackpot –This is probably the most popular category. A distinction is made between games with normal jackpot (limited) or with progressive jackpot (unlimited; it can rise to millions). You can become a millionaire here!
  • Video – Combines the classic gameplay with more innovative game design. You will find a world of engaging themes, from an ocean dive spinning for the mermaid’s treasure to frolic through the forest with fanciful fairies. You enjoy the graphics and audio almost as much as the game.
  • Free – Playing for free is possible in almost every casino. Simply play in fun mode without wagering real cash. The fun mode gives you a good opportunity to get to know a casino slot and see whether you like it or not. Then the decision is made to play with real money or not often easier.

How to playCasino Slot Machines Online

While in the past you had to visit the local casino to play slots, you can do this from the comfort of your home now, because every online casino offers various virtual gambling games. The classic slot has 3 reels on which various symbols are shown. All you have to do is:
  • Insert a coin
  • Pull the lever or press the start button
  • You win if certain symbols appear on the 3 reels
However, this is just one example of the simplest form of all gambling machines. The variety of virtual casino devices has developed enormously, especially through the Internet, and today there are machines with a lot more reels and even hundreds of pay lines. Slots Guide
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