Free Blackjack

Like many other players, do you just want to play free blackjack on your PC, smartphone or tablet for fun? Thanks to our guide, this dream is now becoming a reality. Here you'll find a list of reputable online casinos that offer a free version of “Twenty-One” – the most popular gambling game in the world. is a specialist in free and virtual casino card games. We know everything about online Black-Jack, and we want to give you the best possible support in the mastering of this game. With our overviews, tips, expert reviews and strategies you can familiarize yourself with this very popular card game: on our portal you will learn the history of Black-Jack, basic and special rules, betting systems, some useful strategies.

What do you need to know about free blackjack

  • In this game, beginners have the opportunity to learn the basics and strategies well and without any risk
  • It improves your chances of winning and learn you not to make mistakes
  • You don’t need to register or sign-up for playing
  • The game is also available for mobile devices on Android, iOS, Windows
The only requirement to enjoy the “Twenty-One” is that you understand its rules and use the right strategy to beat the dealer. At you’ll find all the rules and popular strategies, that you can try for yourself in a practice.

Free blackjack: learn how to play quickly, easily and without risk

The goal is to get 21 points, or at least as close to it as possible. Since you are playing against the croupier, what you have on your hand is the yardstick. You need to have more points than the croupier to win; however, you cannot have more than 21 points. That's why “twenty-one” is such a fast, volatile and exciting game. The card values are defined as follows:
  • Ace counts 1 or 11 points
  • Face cards count 10 points
  • All other cards have their face value
You always play blackjack only against the dealer. Other players can also sit at the table; they also only measure their hands against the dealer. So a certain overview remains in the game, and everyone just has to take care of himself. Still, it's not that easy to understand the rules. Anyone who plays blackjack for free has a clear advantage here and can apply the “learning by doing” principle, for which there is unfortunately hardly any space in the real casino.

Play blackjack anywhere for free

Nowadays, many online casinos also offer the possibility to test the casino games for free via mobile devices. This is especially good for players who want to test their skills from anywhere. With HTML5 the casino games can be played on Android and iOS operating systems, so really on every tablet and smartphone! Sometimes you can get started directly in the browser, sometimes you have to download an app. Either way, it has great advantages if you can occasionally practice blackjack for free and thus easily improve your skills. If you wanna play for real money later, there are numerous options. Which casino providers offer the best black-jack game? We at have checked many online casinos, and here you can find the results of our research.

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