All American Video Poker

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All American Video Poker

If you are after a great starting point to get into video poker, then you are looking in the right place. This simplified version of video poker makes getting to grips with the rules and how to play easy and straightforward. Even experts can find something to their liking with this innovative little design as it offers an expert mode that allow the use of customizable strategies and auto re-betting to keep the flow of the game going.

Technical design

Played using a regular 52 deck card set which is randomly shuffled after every hand this version of video poker follows standard poker rules and hands. Like many video poker machines there is a higher minimum winning combination than can be found at a traditional card tables. With fewer gimmicks and extras this version allows the player to concentrate on a more of the poker experience than that of a slot machine.

Bonus features

As an added bonus, if the player has a winning hand there is the option to "double" where 4 face down cards are dealt to the player and one face up card to the banker. The object is to simply draw a higher card to double the win.

Collection of Video Poker

Video poker comes in varieties, in class and in categories; All American Video Poker constitutes one of the best collection of video poker games. It is so called because it possesses all encompassing features and qualities.

All American Video Poker

This version from microgaming is well programmed and accurately designed.

Special Features:

  • It carries a help segment where you could easily visit and get insights on the past, the present and next best step.
  • It comes with distinct designs.
  • It has customization options per level: that is, if you are very good with the game, you could for example, customize it to expert mode, or if you are struggling with mastering it, you could bring it down to normal speed and settings.
  • It possesses an auto re-set and re-bet button that makes sure you have fun endlessly until you choose to stop.
  • It has higher winning potentials (see our review for more).

In playing this game, 52 cards are shuffled and reshuffled after every pick and round.

How to play

All American Video Poker is played with normal casino rules; if you are not familiar with these rules, then, you will find the help section very useful. This game version refocuses attention on the essentials of video poker and places lesser concerns on slots machines.

Our Review

All American Video Poker carries a lot of promise; a clear background with beautiful features and an easily playable format. To top it all up, this version gives each player with an upper hand, the opportunity to double their bet! By utilizing this platform, you could double your bets at the verge of winning, win double and game away all your stress.

All American Video Poker makes gambling on video poker easier and better and we rate them with five (5) stars.


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