Vegas Technology American Roulette

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Vegas Technology American Roulette

Anyone who as ever been near a casino will recognize the famous design of the roulette wheel. The American version of the game is played like any other version with the exception that it uses 00 as well as the single 0. Other aspects of the game such as the black/red combinations, dozens, or high/low betting locations remain unchanged.

Technical design

The game is designed to show the entire playing field and the wheel with fully animated motions that make the game feel alive. The background sounds and animations are the defining feature of this version of roulette. This particular version has been stripped back a little to make the layout, chips held by the player and any on table bets as clear as possible. Bets are placed by simply selecting the appropriate chips and selecting betting locations. When all bets are placed the spin option is selected to begin play. Unfortunately, in this version call bets are not implemented as a feature. Be aware that table limitations are used.

Bonus features

Vegas technology roulette comes loaded with easy access help features to ensure smooth play. American roulette contains a unique bet due to the nature of the 00 which makes a first 4 bet into what is known as the "Five bet".

American Roulette

Roulette originated from French but did not remain there, it has spread across many countries and some places are known to have developed their own peculiar gaming rules. For example, the American Roulette has gone viral and in vogue for its vibe and fame.

Imagine walking into an American Casino, been greeted with the Casino aura, sounds of ongoing games and the solemn chatters of gamblers. Then imagine that you could have all of those without the noisy chatters, in your own room! That is how much fun American Roulette online games are.

Vegas Technology American Roulette

Vegas Technology American Roulette is a unique version of American Roulette. It comes from Casino game providers — Vegas Technology. Specifically designed with unique graphics and distinctive figures this version has come to steal the hearts of many users.

How to Play

American roulette is played like usual roulette games and it is backed up with the same standard casino rules. You can place your bet by picking out your choice chip and your betting locations; after all bets have been entered, the game begins fully by the spinning of the wheel.

Features That Accompanies This Version

This game has the usual black or red combinations, dozen numbers, and betting sections. Other features include:

  • Motion Animation of the wheel and a real movement.
  • Background sounds and music
  • Clear layout chips and betting locations
  • A ‘help’ or ‘hint’ function
  • An automatic five bet for every first 4 bets made.

Our Review

Vegas technology American Roulette has more than a lot to offer, and it will make a fine play. Its only major downside is that it does not come with a ‘call bet function’ or feature and this reduces the satisfaction for some users. Otherwise it’s a green flag from us.


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