Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker

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    Carribean Stud
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Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker

Unlike most stud poker games Microgaming have come up with something new and spectacular that really ups the ante of poker gaming. Where most stud games rely on the dealer and player all being given cards at the outset of a round this version plays more like blackjack with the dealer on taking a single starter card with the further four being drawn depending on where the player chooses to call or not based on their own hand that the card shown by the dealer.

Technical design

With a well designed layout and a new gaming system this really is a hard game to beat in terms of design and playability. The layout is not like traditional stud tables as it has boxes for the dealer to "draw" their hand out. To keep life easy, the game has been simplified to allow new players or "cross over" player to enjoy it without being lost in new rules and features. This does also mean that there is no auto play functionality.

Bonus features

Cyber stud comes ready for new players with a handy payout table and help options just a click away. Plus, the cross nature of the game means that both blackjack players and poker players can find new common ground to have fun and win big.

Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker

Get one of the best online casino pokers ever with microgaming cyber stud poker. It is no gain saying that microgaming is one of the best mobile casino software and Poker on the other hand is fancied by more than a handful of Casino lovers. The great news is that you can now get beautiful Caribbean poker stud with casinope.com.

Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker gives you a spectacular gaming platform reek of the Casino aura and classical poker game.

How To Play

This Caribbean Stud operates more like blackjack in its procedures and playing tactics. Dealers and players are not given cards at the beginning of each game; rather, it begins with the dealer drawing the first card while the other 4 could then follow.

Unique Features:

  • Classic design and layout
  • Ease in playability and usability; the game is easy to play and it has a ‘cross over function’.
  • Unique stud tables having boxes for dealers to draw out
  • Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker has a trendy ability that can unite both blackjack players and poker lovers; it exhibits unique features of both games and is a successful harmonization of both qualities.

One of the downside of this cyber stud is that it has no auto-play functionality and this may not go down with single players out there.

Our Review

Once you get a hold of this game, the nitty gritty and how to play it, you can derive maximum satisfaction from it. Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker contains a unique combination of both black jack and poker and this particular customization from Microgaming holds promising satisfaction.

Admittedly, it may be difficult to grasp at first, but it also takes a little time to master.
Finally, with the exhilarating bonuses, graphical advancements, feature upgrades and easy lay outs, it is completely worth a try.


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