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Video Poker is an electronic game based on classic 5-Card Draw Poker. The biggest difference between table poker and its virtual analog – you play directly against the computer with a lot of speed and fun. This kind of poker offers players quick wins in a game that requires both skill and strategy. There are a lot of things to consider in this game. Here you really can't leave everything to chance, and in contrast to the one-armed bandits, it is possible to use strategies and methods that lead to victory. There are innumerable reasons why this game is so popular among gamblers – it’s easy to learn and play, has the potential for high payouts with limited wagers and provides a higher proportion of your money in comparison to other gambling games. That being said, it's not as frightening as playing a real poker game in a real casino.

Basic rules

Best Video Poker Game to PlayRegardless of whether you take the advice free of charge, take it to heart or not - you always have to master the basic rules of the game if you want to sit at the next poker table (real or virtual). Here we want to give you an insight into the general rules as well as the special features of Video Poker game. Main goal is getting the best combination with five cards. Winning combinations (in descending order) are next: RoyalFlush, StraightFlush, Four-of-a-Kind, FullHouse, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, Pair. Gameplay is an extremely simple process, as the following three steps show:
  1. First, the virtual “croupier” deals first hand for the gambler. As a player, you get 5 cards, which you can also look at directly
  2. In the second step, you have the option of returning any number of cards received and requesting new cards. This also happens in one pass. You select the cards to be exchanged and immediately receive new, randomly dealt cards from the machine
  3. Profit evaluation: Since there is only one exchange process in the game, the profit is evaluated immediately afterwards. Since you are not sitting at a table and playing against other players, but only playing on a video machine, you do not have to beat other players, but simply receive the winnings corresponding to your own hand.
Video Poker Online GamesThe gameplay is much easier to understand and much shorter-lived than that of classic table poker. In regular poker, on the other hand, you always play in opposition to other gamblers and at the last phase of each round only one of the players – who has the highest combination - receives the winnings. So there is more risk of losing money. With online casino Video Poker you always get paid for the relative value of your combination.

Video Poker games

There are two main types of this game. One variation is a normal, ordinary videopoker with a usual paytable, while the other has a progressive jackpot, but these are rare. There are also other sub-forms. The most popular are:
  • Jacks or Better
  • Tens or Better
  • DeucesWild
  • JokerPoker
  • BonusPoker
  • All American
  • Multi-Hand
You will find more detailed information about these variations of Video Poker on our portal. Video Poker for Money
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