Gold Series Euro Blackjack

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Gold Series Euro Blackjack

If you are looking for the best euro blackjack version around then the Gold Series is the best on offer. Played using the "continental" style it offers a great blackjack experience but is will not be alien to anyone who is used to the American version. This version offers great play though the use of the latest in gaming technology.

Technical design

Aside from a traditional blackjack game this version features an array of side feature to improve your play and gaming experience which would not be available in a casino. The automated re-bet and quick-deal functions means that you are not left waiting after every hand played while the accessible real-time stats allow the player to track their game in micro detail. You can also use the auto-play function to test strategies without human intervention throwing off the purpose. This version of Euro style blackjack is played with 2 decks which are re-shuffled after every hand.

Bonus features

Gold Series Blackjack comes fully fit as an amazing graphical experience and the background sounds of a real casino and with access to your in-game stats. It is played using a simplified version of the rules to make play smoother and less "clunky".

Gold Series Euro Black

This gold series euro black comes under the microgaming software and it is one of the most interesting online casino blackjacks out there.

Latest and Continental

This version is more American and it is played with a distinguishable ‘continental’ style.  It is one of the best and latest gaming technology and it is for example, made of recent graphics, profiling, and backgrounds.

Special Features

Gold Series euro black has undoubtedly basically, the same black jack background and features but in a bettered way and in an advanced technology. It is otherwise called the ‘European Blackjack Gold Series’.

If you love playing European blackjack, then you have reached your final destination with this gold series. It has an aesthetic table layout and many users have even attributed it with a unique playing demeanor of a real live Casino. Yes, it is that good; you may want to try it now.

Let’s mention some of these unique and special features:

  • It has automated re-bet
  • It possesses quick deal functions
  • It is fast to use, and while you are briefly waiting for stats to show up, you could program or set a re-bet in process. This saves you time and makes the game much more intriguing. (Nobody likes to wait too long).
  • It has an auto-play function that you can use to test strategies.

Some other features that has been mostly reviewed as best are its:

  • 100% graphical experience
  • Real casino soundtrack
  • It’s easy to play rules
  • Finally, all of its features are customizable.

Playing Gold series euro black jack

It could be played with 2 decks and it is easy to reshuffle per hand, per time and per play. This black jack is nothing strange from the frequently played game but you may want to know that it comes with an advanced set up.


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