Bonus Pai Gow Poker

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Bonus Pai Gow Poker

If you are after a next level version of Casino Pai Gow then this little gem from Microgaming is what you need. Using the latest software means that this version offers stunning graphics to match a great gaming system which brings a whole new edge to the game. As with all Pai Gow games the core rule of creating 2 hands from 7 cards remains unchanged however the adage of the joker card brings out new possibilities.

Technical design

Played using a standard 52 card deck plus a joker card Bonus Pai Gow will get your creative juiced flowing as you as swept away into a sweet casino haze filled with the sights and sounds of the real thing. The drawback of Pai Gow, played like this, is that many hands to push which is why the joker was added to break the stalemate potential but can only be used in hands of straight or higher and not to create any winning combination.

Bonus features

Bonus Pai Gow, as the name would suggest, offers a bonus feature which is a side bet placed before the cards are drawn. To win, you must have a total card value for all seven cards above the minimum set by the table to win.

Bonus Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow originated from Chinese game lovers; how such a distinct kind of poker emerged remains a mystery to many minds, but one thing is sure; it took a while to develop fully into what we have today.

Bonus Pai Gow Poker is a version from Microgaming software and it is designed with beauty and gambling splendor.

Special Features

This version of Pai gow Poker comes with certain features. This for example includes:

  • The standard 52 deck
  • It is complimented with joker cards
  • Good visuals and
  • Complimentary sounds.

Bonus Pai Gow comes with a bonus feature that allows you to make side bets, and this adds to the fun and winning chances.

How To Play

Pai gow poker, a Chinese gambling game is played with dominoes. Today, it is a widely patronized casino game and interestingly enough, pai gow now comes in mobile casino games too. (Bonus Pai Gow is played like every other poker, with standard pai gow rules). Basically, you are required to draw two (2) hands from seven (7) cards. Sometimes, joker may be added to this process in which case, you would have to pay keen attention to specific game rules.

In order to win, all your 7 cards must have a higher value than the ones played on the board.

Our Review

Bonus pai gow by microgaming contrary to its name only carries one bonus feature which is its side bet function and many minds have queried this. Gamers who come with high expectations for the ‘bonus’ segment may therefore, not get much of what they desire.


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