Vegas Technology Craps

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Vegas Technology Craps

Dice games have been around for a long time and still draw people in across the globe but thanks to the joys of modern technology craps has become available and accessible anywhere. As a game craps certainly has a reputation for thrills and spills as well as its complexity but a lot of people are now discovering how playable it actually is when you have a help guide at your fingertips.

Technical design

Vegas Technology Craps is one of the better choices with top of the line software running a gorgeously designed game layout complete with animations for chip movements, payouts and most importantly the roll of the dice. The customization features built in offer great playability and simulate a real casino environment seamlessly. The downsides to this variant are a lack of roll history, reduced betting options compared to other craps games and no repeat bet function. But while this can put off some newer player it is seen as a bonus for more experienced people who love to get stuck into the action themselves rather than letting the software do everything.

Bonus features

This superb craps game comes with some of the best simulation technology on the market making it an encompassing experience to play. Large high roller bets and game customization features make this a giant among its peers.

Vegas technology Craps

Rolling the dice, placing bets and earning wins is much fun, and for a true lover of craps it is the most intriguing game to play in live casinos and online.

We have got good news, playing online craps just got better with Vegas Technology Craps. Vegas technology is a featured name in the online casino business, they are known for their goodwill, durable games, and great graphics, among other things and they have recently released their own version of craps. It is recent, well programmed, beautifully designed and fun to play.

Special Features

Vegas Technology Craps has some interesting features including for example:

  • Animations for chip movements
  • Colorful designs for the background
  • An easy game layout.
  • Accessible payouts
  • Playability and
  • With a real aura.


Albeit its wonderful features, this game has some few downsides by way of omissions. Usually, it is better for an application to have more than is need for a smooth play than having less and that is where Vegas Technology craps falls short of expectation. These downsides come in 2 main folds:

  • It lacks roll history: this function would have made it easier to use and bet. A roll history gives insights on how far you have bet, the fluctuations in your habits and how it affected results and checkouts. It makes you become a master of your game; but sadly, this feature is absent on this version.
  • It lacks a re-bet button and this makes it stressful to go through longer processes to start betting again.

Our Review

We admit that this version lacks some essentials, but it also have irresistible features like those listed above, a section on instructions about how to play, well inbuilt soundtracks and easy usability, Vegas Technology Craps will make a good play.


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