Double Bonus Poker

If you are after something more substantial than just a game of video poker, then Double bonus is where it's at. Created by Microgaming this amazing game takes video poker to new heights with higher payouts than every before through the double bonus winning system. Enjoy a fully ranked poker game where card values matter and hit it big with one of the amazing 4 of a kind special jackpots.

Technical design

Double bonus is played as a normal poker game with standard poker rules. It does not contain wild cards or any unnecessary additions. Played using a typical 52 deck pack of cards which are re-shuffled after every hand. This game comes complete with smooth graphics and easy to read features that make it very playable. All buttons for betting and playing are easy to see and use.

Bonus features

Double bonus poker is packed with features that enhance gameplay including an in depth auto play function that can be customized to the player’s requirements. It also comes with stats trackers, hints, help and much more. Play for the double bonus hands to win big or use the easy double feature mini game to increase you win potential.

Double Bonus Poker

This poker isn’t a distinct kind of Poker; it only offers more than a single version from other software, be it Vegas, or Realtime. As the name goes, it carries a double bonus and rightfully so called, this version has many enviable features that work to the benefit of players and users alike.

Special Features:

  • Higher payouts (this happens largely because of its double portion or feature).
  • A double bonus winning system
  • Accompanied with a jackpot function: poker is absolutely incomplete without a subsidiary and attached jackpot. (this function simply makes the process much more fun to engage in)
  • Spotless graphics (You would have to look really hard and too hard to spot an error with the graphics because from our end, it is spotless)
  • Easy to read features
  • The necessary buttons needed for smooth plays are well displayed and easily seen.
  • Very playable.

Finally, this version is accompanied with a customizable auto play function that could easily be adapted to special needs, preferences and requirements. This is only a little when compared with its statistics tracker, and hints (help) functions. You could also utilize these features for increased winning chances.

Apparently, Double Bonus Poker, comes power packed and well stocked with features.

How you can play Double Bonus Poker

You can use Standard poker rules in playing this. By ‘standard Poker rules’ we mean that it could be easily played by using a typical 52 deck pack of cards which are re-shuffled after every hand.

Our Review

This version lacks wild cards, and that is good for players who do not desire unnecessary additions. Also, other usual adverts and unnecessary additions are not present with this version. It presents you with clear and easy playing mode.

For us, this game is a unique way to maximize your winning capacities with online gaming. You should give it a try today.

Deuces and Joker

One of the great things about video poker is the limitless versions that become available which creates a vast array of fun and exciting potential on top of the fun of poker. Deuces and Joker is a variant that takes advantage of wild cards which opens up a world of possibilities for winning combinations and adds a new element of excitement. On top of the traditional card deck a joker card is also used in game play that can be used in a variety of ways.

Technical design

This special poker variant uses both the additional joker and the 4 "2" cards to create 5 wild cards used in combinations. Any winning hand is auto assigned by the software into the best solution. What this game lacks in graphics it makes up for in ease of play with a long list of game options. The built in strategy tracker makes following mathematical solutions easy to do and with less required player interaction you can enjoy the game without feeling like you are forever pressing buttons.

Bonus features

Deuces and Joker Poker is a great option because it introduces a wide variety of winning combinations above and beyond normal poker. It also has a doubling feature that allows the player the chance to double a win by playing a mini game of highest card wins with the player being given 4 face down cards to choose from against the dealers one.

Video Poker

Video Poker is an arcade based on five-card draw poker. This class of casino game is quite recent when compared with its counterparts. (Poker was first adapted into video games in the mid-1970s, since then it has continued to improve and advanced up till the stage as we have it today).

One of the nicest facts about this game is that it comes in more than a hand full of versions, and from different software. There is always a plethora to choose from and an amazing part of this is that much software competes by improving the quality and function of their gaming versions, giving better delivery to casino game lovers.

Indeed ‘where marketers compete, the buyers win’.

Deuces And Joker

This is a special category of video poker and it presents a wild array of cards in a very interesting manner that makes it so much fun.

Special Features

Deuces and Joker comes with wonderful peculiarities, including for example:

  • Clear visuals
  • Videos that do not crack or slow down
  • Additional joker cards could be used to climax the fun
  • The software gives any winning hand an auto assigned assistance
  • A built in strategy tracker that breaks down the mathematical analysis and helps players understand the crux of matters/previous games.

This game also reveals wider options and winning combinations more than the traditional poker and it comes with multiple betting options which allows a player to play two games simultaneously and increases their chance to win.

Our Review

Deuces and joker makes a very fine combination of games, it is well packaged and thoughtfully designed. Its only possible downside is the low quality of some animations and graphics that comes with this version. Other than that, the game gets thumbs up from us.

All American Video Poker

If you are after a great starting point to get into video poker, then you are looking in the right place. This simplified version of video poker makes getting to grips with the rules and how to play easy and straightforward. Even experts can find something to their liking with this innovative little design as it offers an expert mode that allow the use of customizable strategies and auto re-betting to keep the flow of the game going.

Technical design

Played using a regular 52 deck card set which is randomly shuffled after every hand this version of video poker follows standard poker rules and hands. Like many video poker machines there is a higher minimum winning combination than can be found at a traditional card tables. With fewer gimmicks and extras this version allows the player to concentrate on a more of the poker experience than that of a slot machine.

Bonus features

As an added bonus, if the player has a winning hand there is the option to "double" where 4 face down cards are dealt to the player and one face up card to the banker. The object is to simply draw a higher card to double the win.

Collection of Video Poker

Video poker comes in varieties, in class and in categories; All American Video Poker constitutes one of the best collection of video poker games. It is so called because it possesses all encompassing features and qualities.

All American Video Poker

This version from microgaming is well programmed and accurately designed.

Special Features:

  • It carries a help segment where you could easily visit and get insights on the past, the present and next best step.
  • It comes with distinct designs.
  • It has customization options per level: that is, if you are very good with the game, you could for example, customize it to expert mode, or if you are struggling with mastering it, you could bring it down to normal speed and settings.
  • It possesses an auto re-set and re-bet button that makes sure you have fun endlessly until you choose to stop.
  • It has higher winning potentials (see our review for more).

In playing this game, 52 cards are shuffled and reshuffled after every pick and round.

How to play

All American Video Poker is played with normal casino rules; if you are not familiar with these rules, then, you will find the help section very useful. This game version refocuses attention on the essentials of video poker and places lesser concerns on slots machines.

Our Review

All American Video Poker carries a lot of promise; a clear background with beautiful features and an easily playable format. To top it all up, this version gives each player with an upper hand, the opportunity to double their bet! By utilizing this platform, you could double your bets at the verge of winning, win double and game away all your stress.

All American Video Poker makes gambling on video poker easier and better and we rate them with five (5) stars.