Bonus Pai Gow Poker

If you are after a next level version of Casino Pai Gow then this little gem from Microgaming is what you need. Using the latest software means that this version offers stunning graphics to match a great gaming system which brings a whole new edge to the game. As with all Pai Gow games the core rule of creating 2 hands from 7 cards remains unchanged however the adage of the joker card brings out new possibilities.

Technical design

Played using a standard 52 card deck plus a joker card Bonus Pai Gow will get your creative juiced flowing as you as swept away into a sweet casino haze filled with the sights and sounds of the real thing. The drawback of Pai Gow, played like this, is that many hands to push which is why the joker was added to break the stalemate potential but can only be used in hands of straight or higher and not to create any winning combination.

Bonus features

Bonus Pai Gow, as the name would suggest, offers a bonus feature which is a side bet placed before the cards are drawn. To win, you must have a total card value for all seven cards above the minimum set by the table to win.

Bonus Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow originated from Chinese game lovers; how such a distinct kind of poker emerged remains a mystery to many minds, but one thing is sure; it took a while to develop fully into what we have today.

Bonus Pai Gow Poker is a version from Microgaming software and it is designed with beauty and gambling splendor.

Special Features

This version of Pai gow Poker comes with certain features. This for example includes:

  • The standard 52 deck
  • It is complimented with joker cards
  • Good visuals and
  • Complimentary sounds.

Bonus Pai Gow comes with a bonus feature that allows you to make side bets, and this adds to the fun and winning chances.

How To Play

Pai gow poker, a Chinese gambling game is played with dominoes. Today, it is a widely patronized casino game and interestingly enough, pai gow now comes in mobile casino games too. (Bonus Pai Gow is played like every other poker, with standard pai gow rules). Basically, you are required to draw two (2) hands from seven (7) cards. Sometimes, joker may be added to this process in which case, you would have to pay keen attention to specific game rules.

In order to win, all your 7 cards must have a higher value than the ones played on the board.

Our Review

Bonus pai gow by microgaming contrary to its name only carries one bonus feature which is its side bet function and many minds have queried this. Gamers who come with high expectations for the ‘bonus’ segment may therefore, not get much of what they desire.

Vegas Pai Gow Poker

If you are wanting to play an exciting round of Pai Gow then Vegas edition is the right place to start. This historic game has been smoothly recreated from a tile game to a modern card game seamlessly. In essence Pai Gow is a poker like variant where combinations must be created from the cards given. This version is also a stand alone version where a single player may choose his table spot but the other gaming positions are simply for show.

Technical design

Vegas Pai Gow is stunningly laid out with a mix of Chinese symbolism and modern baize. The table is set so that the player can easily distinguish how much they currently hold and how much they are betting as well as being able to clearly see the cards as they are drawn. With adjustable sound and animation options this game is a great casino experience as the interface has been carefully designed for easy usage.

Bonus features

Vegas edition Pai Gow comes with a new feature called the "house way". This button essentially takes the decision from the player and auto selects the best available hand from the drawn cards. All ensuing results still follow the game rules.

Vegas Pai Gow Poker

This is the unique Pai Gow Poker from Vegas Technology. It is simple to play, doused in casino fundamentals and designed with unique qualities.

How to play

Pai gow has meticulously advanced from the old tile game pattern into a more recent card game. Vegas Pai Gow Poker is played with the standard pai gow gaming rules except that this time, it is merged and accompanied with poker.

Special Features

Vegas Pai Gow Poker has the following features:

  • It is a self play version that can be played by a single player.
  • When played in a stand-alone version; other spots on the table are filled ceremonially for show.
  •   It has some Chinese symbols on the layout that makes it look real
  • A clearly viewable and understandable table layout.
  • Sound adjustment function
  • Animation adjustment function.

Finally, this game comes with a bonus section called ‘house way’. This operates as an auto function button, that when clicked on, will select the best option from the table.

Some easy players who do not like stressing themselves too much trying to decide will find this handy.

Our Review

If you desire to play an intriguing round of Pai Gow, then this edition from Vegas Technology is a very good option. With its special features and amazing qualities, this game makes a good play; for instance, its boards are so clearly set out in a way that makes it easy to see all the necessary information and game progress.

Down Sides?

Although the house play function has been criticized for making the game seem childish and too easy, it is notably, a feature that is not designed for constant and full use in all games; it is a button users are supposed to resort to only when they are stranded and despite the mixed feelings that follow this function, it definitely saves a lot of players some stress.

Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker

If you are after a game with some real history then you are going to really enjoy playing Pai Gow poker. From its roots in ancient history it has become a staple of modern casinos as people compete using tiles or cards to find the best hands. Realtime gaming Pai Gow is played using 7 card hands with the player requiring 2 hands from the set.

Technical design

This game features a top level interactive play table and dealer voice overs but other ambient sounds are reduced to only the shuffle of the cards. The table layout is well spaced and is very clear to read and play on with all interactive features clearly marked. Only the buttons that are available at a specific time are highlighted to make play easier. If you are unsure of the rules of the game or wish to check payout odds, then the help button is your friend and is easily accessed from the bottom of the screen.

Bonus features

Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker has a very simple re-bet button allowing the player more time to concentrate on splitting the cards into winning combinations. Messages are displayed to signify which combination is stronger.

Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker

Pai gow poker itself is a very nice game, but the features it will have will depend on how it is designed, and how it is designed is determined by the software it comes in.

Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker is designed by realtime software, and they are one of the best mobile casino game designers in the business. Others includes microgaming and Vegas technology.


Below are some of the qualities that Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker comes with:

  • An interactive play table
  • A dealer voice-overs
  • A simple sound for shuffling of cards
  • An easily readable table
  • It is easier to access. (for example, only the buttons that are needed per time are highlighted on the main table- this reduces stuffiness and makes everything more viewable and clearer).
  • A help button that carries assistance for those seeking it.

Before wrapping up this section, you need to know that the help button unlike those in other poker games carry more detailed tips on how to get you rooted in the game. It doesn’t only contain the rules of the game but also has information on how you can check your pay out odds.


When you speak of Realtime Gaming Pai Gow Poker and bonuses, it is all smiles. This particular version carries two major bonus features:

  1. It has a re-bet button that gives you multiple chances to place bets again and again until you hit your target.
  2. It carries a message notification box that delivers info on which combination is stronger.

I bet you now see what we mean by ‘major bonus features’

How to Play

Standard rules apply. You won’t stranded on new rules, the old ones stands and when you are unsure, the help button is available to assist you.

Our Review

It is a very good version!