Microgaming Keno

Many casino keno games often feel the same but Microgaming really has pulled out something special with their latest version of the game designed to bring light hearted slot style fun to keno. While the basics of the game are the same as any keno game they have gone far beyond to ensure that it is both graphically pleasing to use and helpful to ensure that your gaming experience is the best possible.

Technical design

Played as a typical keno game on a 10×8 board the player may select up to 15 spots per round. The layout features a very easy to understand payout board with built in help functions to keep you on track. The board is also color codes so that you can see at a glance any bets placed and where the winning draws are. The drawback to this version is that the ease of use has replaced the auto play function meaning all bets must be placed by the player.

Bonus features

This delightful version of keno is easy for anyone to pick up and put down whenever it is convenient. All the features of the game are easy to find and use.

Playing Keno Like Slots and Having Fun Like Never Before

Delightful Keno comes in various categories and class and frankly, it is advanced on online casino games with Microgaming Keno.

The microgaming software leaves little to the imagination of an interested player and it has a lot of features set down to ensure that all is set, done and designed in the best ways possible. Before we make a full time review, we will help you decide yours by highlighting the features and taking an analysis of what makes it unique.

Special Features:

  • It incorporates a special kind of slot style into Keno (Imagine playing Keno like a real slot game and you have thought of microgaming keno). This unique feature makes it different from other versions
  • It has beautiful graphics
  • A friendly background layout
  • The board comes in multiple colors, which make it easier to identify and track.

How To Play

Although fused with the slot style, the game is played in the standard Casino pattern and with the already established rules. Here’s a little exposition for first timers:

  • It is played on a 10*8  board and as a player, you have the chance to select up to 15 slots in each play.

Our Review

There is a little ‘but’ to these amazing functions; it has no auto-play function which means that you won’t be getting any assistance as a player on this version. While many players who love real and actual betting will consider this as fun or original; many more may prefer to have a function of that kind.

Either way if the truth is to be told, microgaming Keno is a well-built version with amazing qualities, and it is also one of the bests you can get on Keno Casino games.

Realtime Gaming Keno

The game of Keno has been around for a very long time but old certainly does not mean boring. Keno is a great way for players to win big from low bets (up to $250,000). Played on a board of 10×8 squares the object is to select a combination of numbers that matches the draw. One of the best features of keno is the payout board where the player can see how well their combinations will do at all times.

Technical design

Realtimes addition to the keno lineup is visually striking and set up to look like a kind of complex number sequence slot machine and yet it is still set out so that all the features are both readable and accessible. The only drawback to the software is a lack of speed functionality that the players can adjust. Wagers can be easily changed and multiple tickets are an option.

Bonus features

Realtime Gaming Keno offers a new experience to beginner players and is designed to be as playable as is possible. It also offers an auto play feature that lets the player select 5 or 10 tickets per round, or quick select 10 spots.

Realtime Gaming Keno

Why Realtime Gaming Keno?

Why not any other?

Why should I use realtime instead?

When it comes to gaming via mobile Casinos, it has to be done with the best opportunities possible and this is why we oftentimes, try to get that best.

Special Features

Realtime Gaming Keno comes with the following features:

  • Comes with an easy Keno Lineup that makes it easy for you to see and analyse the game
  • Readable and accessible
  • It of course has a payout board
  • Playability is 100%
  • It possesses simple graphics.
  • Auto-play function: Keno with reltime.

Finally, with this version, you can use multiple tickets and wagers could be easily draw too.

Down Sides

We have promised to always include the down sides of each soft-ware in our reviews. We do not leave you hanging or hide the flaws of these soft-wares. Where there are some you will get info here.

Realtime Gaming Keno has only one downside and that is:

  • You cannot adjust the speed of functionality. This is sad because some persons find it too slow and many more complained to the inability of adjusting these to suit their taste.

As unpleasant as it may be for users who would like to adjust the speed, you may want to note that the game comes with an average speed; it isn’t too slow or fast either, and a larger percentage of persons feel comfortable with that. (Your opinion may of course differ after a trial).

Our Review

Realtime Gaming Keno matches well with other software versions of this game and it will make a fair play.

Do not forget that you can get access to this game on our site. We stock a variety of Casino Kenos, in various versions, each with its own peculiarity. Get connected today and have fun unlimited.

Vegas Technology Keno

Keno is a relative newcomer to casinos but what is certain is that this little lottery game has forever changed the shape of casinos. Played on a 10×8 board it is as simple as selecting numbers and waiting for the draw to take place. The best part about it is you can play different number strategies at the same time to increase you win potential. Better yet you are always in control thanks to the payout board right there on the screen so you know how much your bet will win as you play.

Technical design

This variation of keno is very well presented and packed with special effects and animations that bring the whole board to life. With the easy to read payout board you are never short of gaming information so that you can follow bets, wins and combinations. The game also comes with game speed adjusters so that you can play as fast, or as slow as you like, while the audio and visual displays keep you rooted to your seat.

Bonus features

Vegas technology keno comes with a great auto play feature that lets the player use multiple tickets per draw (up to 10). In fact, the simplicity of this version is what makes it so spectacular to play.

Vegas technology Keno

Traditional Keno can be defined as a lottery-like gambling game that is played with numbered balls knobs, and cards. Keno is as old as gambling and even lottery time itself and as ancient as the grays of men, but yet, still one of the most played Casino games.

Keno simply doesn’t go out of fashion and with amazing casino software and game designers, it gets renewed day in day out. Some applications have focused on providing, adjusting and improving on features that some others lack and in doing so; they have developed the game in immeasurable ways.

One of the capable providers of Casino Keno is Vegas technology. No one can take their art and style from them and all this cumulates into giving users an excellent playing experience.

Special Features of Vegas Technology Keno:

  • A laid out gaming board
  • Auto play enhanced
  • You can make multiple bets
  • As usual, you can take up to 10 tickets per draw.
  • Animation
  • Speed adjusters!
  • Audio and visual soundtracks.

How To Play

Vegas Technology Keno is played with standard Casino rules; on a 10×8 board from where you are to select numbers after which you have to wait for the draw to take place. Also keep in mind that you can play different strategies and numbers at a time; that way, you can increase your winning chance.

Our Review

If you have read our previous reviews, you will notice that Vegas Technology Keno offers relatively more than others. It does not only possess the auto function that some lack, but is also designed with speed adjusters that ensures that the game plays at the acceleration that you desire per time and per game.

Vegas Technology Keno will definitely give you some real gaming satisfaction with its power packed abilities and set up.