Vegas Craps

This fantastic piece of gaming is brought to you by Microgaming and brings with it some of the best craps action you can find online. Based on real live action casino style craps it offers a better gaming experience without the unnecessary bells and whistles of other versions. Quite simply it is a purist's dream of a game that comes complete with the full compliment of betting possibilities.

Technical design

In essence this is craps just as you would find it in a casino. It does compromise a little on graphical quality but it is done to make the game all the more real. All interface features are simple and easy to see and comes with a host of statistical extras. It does not feature an autoplay system because real life does not have one and this is the angle they are going for at all points in this game.

Bonus features

While is certainly doesn't have any fancy extra features the software has been perfectly designed to ensure the game performs well at all times from placing bets to highlighting winning combinations. The in-depth help feature is a great plus for this version making it more user friendly that its counterparts.

Vegas Craps

Vegas Craps was designed and set up by microgaming software and you have to know that it is a living classical.

Craps itself is an interesting and intriguing game, but when it is Vegas Craps in particular, it could give you the red chills of a real casino. This version is online, mobile, adaptable to multiple devices and could be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

How to Play

In craps, the first thing you have to do is to simply place a bet. Keep in mind that the only player who is obligated to place a bet before the first roll is the shooter (you could be this person if you place a bet on the pass line). If you are a keen calculator of facts before betting, then here’s a clue: the dice is passed among players clock wise and make sure you study each roll out before taking another. 

Special Satisfaction this game can offer:

  • Real life Casino vibes: After playing this, you will feel like you have just had a visit to an actual Casino.
  • Easy to view with lesser graphical display
  • With simple statistical analysis of each game attached
  • The game highlights wins
  • It is durable and could be replayed multiple times without hanging
  • It has a help function and this assists users in need of preliminary info.

Our Review

Its major downside is with its quality. It has a relatively low graphical outlook and outlay so if you are looking out for a perfect view, you just may not have it here/with this version; however, this factor also make it look somewhat realer like a true Casino Crap. Try it out and you’d see what we mean.

Also, this game does not feature an auto play function, but isn’t that what Craps is all about? And this function sort of make it look and feel realer in some twisted kind of way.

Vegas Technology Craps

Dice games have been around for a long time and still draw people in across the globe but thanks to the joys of modern technology craps has become available and accessible anywhere. As a game craps certainly has a reputation for thrills and spills as well as its complexity but a lot of people are now discovering how playable it actually is when you have a help guide at your fingertips.

Technical design

Vegas Technology Craps is one of the better choices with top of the line software running a gorgeously designed game layout complete with animations for chip movements, payouts and most importantly the roll of the dice. The customization features built in offer great playability and simulate a real casino environment seamlessly. The downsides to this variant are a lack of roll history, reduced betting options compared to other craps games and no repeat bet function. But while this can put off some newer player it is seen as a bonus for more experienced people who love to get stuck into the action themselves rather than letting the software do everything.

Bonus features

This superb craps game comes with some of the best simulation technology on the market making it an encompassing experience to play. Large high roller bets and game customization features make this a giant among its peers.

Vegas technology Craps

Rolling the dice, placing bets and earning wins is much fun, and for a true lover of craps it is the most intriguing game to play in live casinos and online.

We have got good news, playing online craps just got better with Vegas Technology Craps. Vegas technology is a featured name in the online casino business, they are known for their goodwill, durable games, and great graphics, among other things and they have recently released their own version of craps. It is recent, well programmed, beautifully designed and fun to play.

Special Features

Vegas Technology Craps has some interesting features including for example:

  • Animations for chip movements
  • Colorful designs for the background
  • An easy game layout.
  • Accessible payouts
  • Playability and
  • With a real aura.


Albeit its wonderful features, this game has some few downsides by way of omissions. Usually, it is better for an application to have more than is need for a smooth play than having less and that is where Vegas Technology craps falls short of expectation. These downsides come in 2 main folds:

  • It lacks roll history: this function would have made it easier to use and bet. A roll history gives insights on how far you have bet, the fluctuations in your habits and how it affected results and checkouts. It makes you become a master of your game; but sadly, this feature is absent on this version.
  • It lacks a re-bet button and this makes it stressful to go through longer processes to start betting again.

Our Review

We admit that this version lacks some essentials, but it also have irresistible features like those listed above, a section on instructions about how to play, well inbuilt soundtracks and easy usability, Vegas Technology Craps will make a good play.

Realtime Gaming Craps

It is no secret that the most exciting and complicated game in any casino is craps. But what it has in complexity it makes up for ten times over with excitement. Find your own niche as you explore the vast range of betting opportunities and follow the flow of the bones as the roll out the next winners. Don't be put off by what you've heard about this game as this stunning little version comes new player ready through the interactive help button.

Technical design

The stunning table layout gives the feel of a real casino through some very create graphics. The table layout has been enhanced to make betting much easier using a click and drag system and angles to offer the best view. Fully interactive dice are rolled across the table to give that authentic feel to the game while the built in sound pack does the rest. This version of craps follows classic casino rules and contains all the same betting procedures and payouts.

Bonus features

The help and options feature available with this version of craps makes it ideal for people just getting into the game while the impressiveness make it a favorite among experts. While the table is cleared after every betting resolution, excluding contract bets, the replay feature makes re-betting easy to do.

Craps is not just craps.

The background of its playing methods, the difference in its graphics and the look of each outlay will certainly differ and this depends largely on the software provider and the peculiarities each game is designed with.

Realtime Gaming Craps is a software crap from Realtime, and it definitely has some distinguishing features from others.

Special Features:

  • It comes with an easy to use ‘help button’ where novices and players can get tips on how to play well; and insights on how to improve
  • A good layout that makes it fun to the eyes
  • Great animations and graphics
  • A click and drag system that allows you view easily and better
  • Each dice rolls comes with a unique soundtrack

How To Play

Realtime Gaming Craps is played with standard casino rules and you could bet accordingly. Also, if you are looking out for tips, there is a help section that you would find helpful ones.

Our Review

Realtime Gaming Craps is a simple but awesome game. It comes with an automatic clearing of the table after each game and a re-bet button. In as much as the previous may not be a desirable function, a re-bet button is definitely very handy. Users of this version need not go through a long process as in Vegas technology craps to start a new game; it is only one button away.

It’s only seemingly downside is the fact that its roll history gets cleared after each game, but from this angle, that surely looks like a better option than not having a roll history at all.

Realtime Gaming Craps makes a fine game for many persons and if you are a lover of Casino Craps, then you have a ‘go for it’ signal from us.