Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker

Unlike most stud poker games Microgaming have come up with something new and spectacular that really ups the ante of poker gaming. Where most stud games rely on the dealer and player all being given cards at the outset of a round this version plays more like blackjack with the dealer on taking a single starter card with the further four being drawn depending on where the player chooses to call or not based on their own hand that the card shown by the dealer.

Technical design

With a well designed layout and a new gaming system this really is a hard game to beat in terms of design and playability. The layout is not like traditional stud tables as it has boxes for the dealer to "draw" their hand out. To keep life easy, the game has been simplified to allow new players or "cross over" player to enjoy it without being lost in new rules and features. This does also mean that there is no auto play functionality.

Bonus features

Cyber stud comes ready for new players with a handy payout table and help options just a click away. Plus, the cross nature of the game means that both blackjack players and poker players can find new common ground to have fun and win big.

Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker

Get one of the best online casino pokers ever with microgaming cyber stud poker. It is no gain saying that microgaming is one of the best mobile casino software and Poker on the other hand is fancied by more than a handful of Casino lovers. The great news is that you can now get beautiful Caribbean poker stud with casinope.com.

Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker gives you a spectacular gaming platform reek of the Casino aura and classical poker game.

How To Play

This Caribbean Stud operates more like blackjack in its procedures and playing tactics. Dealers and players are not given cards at the beginning of each game; rather, it begins with the dealer drawing the first card while the other 4 could then follow.

Unique Features:

  • Classic design and layout
  • Ease in playability and usability; the game is easy to play and it has a ‘cross over function’.
  • Unique stud tables having boxes for dealers to draw out
  • Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker has a trendy ability that can unite both blackjack players and poker lovers; it exhibits unique features of both games and is a successful harmonization of both qualities.

One of the downside of this cyber stud is that it has no auto-play functionality and this may not go down with single players out there.

Our Review

Once you get a hold of this game, the nitty gritty and how to play it, you can derive maximum satisfaction from it. Microgaming Cyber Stud Poker contains a unique combination of both black jack and poker and this particular customization from Microgaming holds promising satisfaction.

Admittedly, it may be difficult to grasp at first, but it also takes a little time to master.
Finally, with the exhilarating bonuses, graphical advancements, feature upgrades and easy lay outs, it is completely worth a try.

Realtime Gaming Caribbean Stud

If you are looking to play a nice game of poker without the demands of bluffing and poker faces the stud poker is perfect for you. Played like any Caribbean variant stud poker pits your skills against the dealer rather than the other players. Better yet, the easy to use buttons on the interface make this a truly fantastic poker experience. You just got know when to hold them and when to fold them.

Technical design

The graphical layout of this game combined with the excellent software makes it immensely playable for new and experience players alike. It is played according to traditional poker hands from Ace king up to royal flush and is a player versus dealer's game. The game is designed to highlight the winning hands with the cards being auto arranges to make viewing easier. To accompany the great visuals Realtime have included a wonderful background sounds pack to make the player feel like they are at a real table.

Bonus features

Like many stud poker variants this version also comes complete with a progressive jackpot link which could net you some amazing prizes. To make life easier the re-bet and wagers features are very easy to use and can be done with a single click.

Caribbean Stud with Class

With Realtime Gaming Caribbean Stud, there is an extreme fun filled casino experience. The Caribbean stud from this software is classy, one in town and with its own peculiarities. Whether or not you consider this the best, will depend on your taste and preference but it will definitely make a good gaming or play.

How to play

Realtime Gaming Caribbean Stud is played like the usual Caribbean variant stud poker; it tags your skills against those of the dealer and not those of other players. It comes with a distinguishable background. If you are not good at changing skill sets or getting familiar with different gaming rules, then you do not have to worry because this Caribbean Stud is played like traditional poker and hands from Ace king to royal flush. It is also a player versus dealer's game.

Special Features

This Casino game has some features that give it an essentially interesting character. They include for example:

  • Interface buttons that could be easily used to link up with gaming sections
  • Distinct graphical background
  • Winning hands are easy to view via an auto arranged section
  • Unique visuals and
  • Enjoyable soundtracks.

Finally, the Realtime Gaming Caribbean Stud comes with a progressive jackpot link which of course carries plenty promises and chances of wins, secondly it has a re-bet section that is relatively easy to use when compared with others.

Our Review

There are many features that make this game suitable for you; it is not only easy to use and based on standard rules but also accompanied with links that connects you with other potential gaming opportunities; its tables look real and they are also beautiful and you could bet, re-bet with ease.

For us it’s a four star rating. It is a good game and you should try it out.

Vegas Technology Caribbean Stud

Caribbean stud poker is the most classic way to enjoy a relaxing casino game where you can pit yourself against the house is an epic card versus card display. It contains endless replay ability while at the same time being endless fun and excitement. Plus, when linked to progressive jackpots stud poker becomes one of the biggest pay out locations anywhere.

Technical design

Played with a single 52 card deck to traditional poker rules and hands this version is remarkable in its simple elegance. Flawless animations and a very easy, hands on, layout make this game smooth and faultless. Moreover, the multi-hand playability makes the game feel more alive. Alongside the playability functions of the software comes a background of fun music that fits in perfectly with the dealer voiceovers and the ambient sounds of shuffling cards and moving chips.

Bonus features

Vegas Technology Poker comes fully inclusive with gameplay options to suit the player. There is also the option of the progressive jackpot, but be aware that there is a side bet that must be entered into every hand to be eligible. Multi hand games are an exciting new feature available in this version.

Vegas technology Caribbean Stud

Vegas Technology is a famous software casino game provider. They are known for their name, quality and grade and their tables uniquely stand out among contemporaries. It comes with bonuses and you could earn a lot from their games. If you love classic but recent casino games then you would totally love this version from Vegas Technology.

About this Game

This is another special kind of Caribbean Stud and it is accompanied with a high quality-drawing table. With Vegas Technology Caribbean Stud, you can test your skills and challenge other in-house players. This card game is epic and distinct from other versions of Caribbean Stud.

Distinguishable Features

Vegas Technology Caribbean Stud comes with certain special abilities and quality that makes it spark up vibes and satisfactory whims. It has the common single 52 card deck and is even played with the usual and traditional standard rules however it possesses beautiful traits that set it apart. These include for example:

  • Highly designed and clear card display
  • Endless replay
  • It is linkable to a jackpot stud poker (with this, you can gamble and play simultaneously)
  •  Elegant layout
  • An interesting background soundtrack
  • Beautiful animations and graphical displays.

This Caribbean Stud could also be played with multi-hands and as you play you could carry out other alternative bets at the same time.

Our Review

This Caribbean stud unlike many you may already know is much handier and its voiceovers sound great. If you want a stud game that you could play in your comfort zones with no strings attached and still feel like you are in an actual casino then this is a very wise choice.

Vegas Technology Caribbean Stud is unique, amazing, distinct and fun-filled. We admonish you to try it out, so that you can see for yourself.